This is an attempt to keep the sprawling online world a little condensed. I'll try to keep my shows updated, but no promises. I'm currently living in Halifax, and I'm available for recording projects and accompaniment gigs. I’ve recently finished an album with Green & Gold, which is enjoying a little time to breathe. I have been playing with Liars on Fire for a few years now. We're currently disbanded, but we have our first full length release coming up this spring? maybe? I’ve been playing with The Barrowdowns for almost a year now, we played a bunch of festivals over the last two summers, and are in the beginnings of the recording process. My occasional roommate is the lovely Laura Jean, who just got home! Which is super exciting. I’m gonna make her record with me. You’re gonna love it. Just got home from a tour with OMBS. it was a huge success, great shows the whole time. Sold out the Burdock in TO! Finally, because I have so much free time, I’ve started playing with my good pal Dave Archibald in Daveband. Super fun.

I've got some demos and home recordings up on the bandcamp page, but they're just the beginning. We'll see how it goes from here. In the meantime, I am available to play Guitar, Keys, Flute, Sax, and Bass whenever real life gives me the time to. I am also a vocalist, and love to sing harmonies. Compensation can be sorted out on a by-project basis.


Best places for finding out the details for shows are the band’s Facebook pages. That being said, Daveband is re-opening the Wardroom at King’s! I can’t make it though, as the Barrowdowns are playing at Gus’s with The Sticky Bandits. Thursday week OMBS and Daveband are playing the TimberLounge. So there ya go.


neal listens to your emails

Feel free to email me to set up a gig, give me suggestions for new music, or to just say hello.